Do you know what is the relationship between Kapil Sharma and Najam Sethi? You too will be shocked once you read this report

Do you know what is the relationship between Kapil Sharma and Najam Sethi? You too will be shocked once you read this report

If you want to see a recent example of rise and fall, there is no one better than Kapil Sharma. The Indian TV superstar has now reached the point where he has recently admitted to thinking about suicide. A man who became a billionaire in his youth, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and other Indian superstars considered it an honor to come to his show, not only in India but also in Pakistan and millions of fans all over the world.

Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar too

We have also heard the funny incidents of Javed Miandad in the same show, but due to the decline in popularity, the channel was forced to shut down the program. Shah Rukh Khan appeared in a star show but without recording. Had to go, the couple became severely depressed and resorted to alcohol, friends went away, the media spread all kinds of stories. After several months of breaks and treatment, a few days ago, Kapil Sharma appeared at the trailer launch of his new film and confessed to the media all his mistakes.

He was overwhelmed by something and that was his arrogance, from a small house to the palace, wealth and fame affected him and he began to look down on everyone in front of him, the result was a fight with fellow actor Sunil Grover on the plane. In the case, he left the show in a rage and then the journey of decline began. Now it is the case that if the couple's new film does not run, then maybe in a few months they will become a forgotten story, this incident for all of us. There is a big lesson, most of us are often arrogant in our knowledge or ignorance and don't even realize it.

Journalists are not behind either, I am a big anchor or journalist, everyone is moving behind me, I have so many followers on Twitter. I have broken so-and-so stories, so-and-so cricketer or official is my personal friend, my writings are thousands of people. While reading, he does not think of some recent examples of big anchors sitting at home after a scandal and no longer even mentioning their names. When they go to the cricket board, Chairman Najam Sethi thinks that without them the system Can't walk, they don't listen to anyone in front of them,

Poor Shahriar Khan, now that he has resigned from the post, if he speaks the truth, he will be reprimanded by Sethi Sahib. If someone speaks out of temper on social media, he will get entangled there. Pressure on journalists, most of the top officials of the board do not understand anyone in front of them, they think that they will always be in high positions, because of this arrogance some wrong decisions are made which may come only after change. Come to the attention of all. Surprisingly, no one learns a lesson from the former chiefs.

Once upon a time, the media used to make one of his sentences breaking news, now it doesn't even lift it, but the thing is that when there is power, where does a person think of decline, similarly some of our current and former cricketers are so intoxicated with their fame. They become unconscious of their surroundings, then when everything is lost, then they think of new ways to become popular again, some cricketers run back and forth when they are going through a bad time. Even good people don't remember when there is a good time. There are many such examples but I don't want to name them. Most of our cricketers are from small areas. When they come in the national team, some get out of their minds and that is why scandals start coming to the fore. Some people get rich and some people get greedy and the bookies get trapped in their nets. Sharjeel Khan etc. are clear examples of this. ,

From there, things get worse. You look at some of the current young cricketers. It hasn't been eight days since they joined the team that they have become fan clubs on Twitter. When they try to be a little free from girls on social media, they Take a screenshot and make the conversation public, then make an excuse that the account was hacked, they should think that the real job is to perform in the ground which if not done then the people around will disappear as they ever were. No, that's all I'm afraid of, social media has made it easier for players to become a star these days, a good match and a star in everyone's eyes. But it's not easy to handle this fame, honor and wealth.

This is your test of how to keep your foot on the ground. The national team is playing well in a short style these days. In recent times, we have come across many talented young cricketers who have won the hearts of the fans with their excellent performances. We have to take care of them, the real focus should be on the game, don't be jealous of each other's performance but be happy, Sarfraz Ahmed's case made it clear that the Buckeyes are still around the cricketers. Avoid them, recognize that the woman in front is really a fan or an agent of the Buckeyes, one wrong step of yours can be found in all the hard work, like Sarfraz became a hero on reporting today but if he If I had delayed even a few hours, it would have become a new scandal and things would have changed.

There are small things coming up now but be careful, keep in mind the example of Ben Stokes who, despite being a top performer, dropped out of the English team due to his off-field moves, think that we should not be a superstar for 6 months. Rather, the whole life of fans

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